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Living Well Into The Future ‘s (LWITF) latest episode:. "Resilience at the Root: Evolution of a Community Based Environmental Organization" aired on Saturday March 11, 2023 on WTBRFM, 89.7 Pittsfield, MA, and streams on and other streaming services thereafter.

 “Resilience at the Root” identifies actions individuals can take to enhance their own economic and physical health as we delve into the inspiring story of how the leaders of the Center for Ecotechnology (CET) addressed the challenges of the oil crisis of the seventies and the waste crisis of the nineties innovatively by meeting the community and citizens “where they are.” Hear how their early novel programs turned mainstream and set CET up to have an even greater impact creating resilience in the face of environmental challenges today.

Listeners will hear from Laura Dubester and Nancy Nylen, who, with Laura’s late husband, developed CET’s science based, community-based programs beginning in the nineteen seventies and eighties; Ashley Muspratt, the current president of CET, which now serves communities across the country; and Jack Anderson, a senior at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, who projects a future working in the environmental arena.
"We're thrilled to be able to highlight the contributions of inspiring individuals.  Episode13 of Living Well Into The Future encapsulates the past, present, and possible future of the environmental movement through their actions," said Julie B Adler, host of the podcast. "At LWITF, we're committed to giving voice to the experience and actions of different generations to ignite discussions and action on food, housing, climate and health".

What's New with Living Well Into The Future (LWITF)?

Julie Koppenheffer, a member of Villages of the Berkshires and of Berkshire OLLI, conceived of the LWITF podcasts to excite and inspire people of different generations to exchange experiences and to work together toward solutions of deep problems. Koppenheffer got a go-ahead for the podcasts from  Berkshire OLLI and WTBR FM. She and the LWITF team scouted interview subjects ranging from their twenties to their nineties. That team consists of other OLLI members (ages 55+) as well as local college students. Koppenheffer said, “I want to speak to people who are working on or have worked on creative responses to issues of food, housing, health, and climate. People from all generations, no one forgotten, everyone vital to the conversation.”

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If you want to join Koppenheffer in identifying guests, conducting interviews, editing the transcripts, and promoting Living Well Into The Future in traditional media or social media, write to her at [email protected]